What are sales tools that make sales more efficient?

 With the enforcement of the Workplace Reform Law, the upper limit of overtime work will be regulated to 45 hours per month and 360 hours per year in principle from April 2020 for small and medium-sized companies (and from April 2019 for large companies).

More and more companies are starting to review their overtime work in the wake of the new regulations, but it is said that the work of salespeople  https://slimtime.co.jp/  in particular is difficult to control and their working hours tend to be longer than those of other types of jobs.

It is said that salespeople's work hours tend to be longer than those of other positions.

The following are some of the factors that cause salespeople to work longer hours.

Many unexpected tasks interrupt their work.

Too much interaction with people outside the company

Work tends to become individualized.

What are sales tools for salespeople?

Business chat tools

Web conference systems


Business card management tools

Effects of using sales tools

Increase the number of points of contact with customers

Reduce the time spent on data processing.

Many salespeople work overtime every day because they are overwhelmed with unexpected tasks and dealing with customers.

This not only places a heavy burden on their bodies and minds, but also causes a decline in labor productivity.

In recent years, there are many sales tools that support the various tasks of salespeople. In recent years, there have been many sales tools to help salespeople with their various tasks, so let's make good use of them and improve our work efficiency.

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